Drama lessons for children 7-10 years old. Level 1.

In this 10-week course we will explore the world of Theatre and Puppetry by learning the basics of acting, puppetry and set design.

Children will learn different types of live theatre, make their own puppets, learn how to manipulate them, develop characters, and evoke life into these inanimate objects, culminating in a performance of "The Jungle Book" for their family and friends.

Our students will learn the basics of the theatre and stage performance as well as hands-on building skills in the professional and fun environment.

Course outlines:

Day 1. Introduction to the stage. Acting warm-ups. Team building games. Break out of shell. Focus. Creativity exercises.

Day 2. Script assesment "The Jungle Book". Roles distribution. Voice assessments. Blocking the play.

Day 3-4. On this day we shall begin our building workshop of a different kind of puppets for our performance.
All students will be involved in the creation of their own characters.
All puppets are easy to make and will be creatively incorporated in to the final play.
Through learning techniques used by puppeteers everywhere we will learn the fundamentals of keeping a puppet alive at all times. Through these explorations we will help the kids develop a tale to perform together on the final day for the student's friends and family.

Days 5-8. Acting workshops. Each workshop includes the following exercises, provided by the instructor:
10 min physical warm ups and games
10 min Voice Warm-up
10 min Puppet exercises
10 min Stage Direction Exercises
10 min Improvisational Exercises
10 min Ensemble Exercises
And, of course, rehersal for the upcoming performance!

Day 9. The final rehearsal. The puppets are complete. Actors are ready.

Day 10. "The Jungle Book" Graduation Show. This is the day of the graduation performance, presented by our students to their families and friends. The play is 30 min long and features the performances by all of our students, using the puppets, techniques and knowledge they've acquired during the course.
After the play we have a Young Puppeteer Graduation Ceremony and cake right after.

Schedule and Rates

Drama lessons for children 11+ years old. Level 1.

Everything that works for younger kids, but at a higher level. On the day 10 young artists will perform "The Hornet Girl" before their family and friends. A Young Puppeteer Graduation Ceremony is following the show. After this course completion young artists can move on to the next level, in the following semester.

Schedule and Rates

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